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  • Only active CRB and SRS Designees and individuals who have earned the RENE and C-RETS certifications with approved profiles are displayed.
  • Only the first 500 records of the requested search will be displayed.  Refine your search to reduce.
  • The more letters you add in a field, the more refined your search results will be.
  • Use the abbreviation for States/Provinces (i.e. use "MI" as opposed to Michigan)
  • Note some fields are searched "starts with" or "contains."  This helps in refining your search.
  • The field "Credential" will search for all individuals that hold the CRB, SRS, RENE or C-RETS credentials.
  • Only one credential can be searched at a time.
  • If you search for the C-RETS credential, be sure to include the hyphen otherwise you will not receive the proper results.
  • Company names may be listed in several different ways.  For example, "REMAX", "RE/MAX", "Coldwell Banker", "CB", etc.
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