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As your team's MVP, you know there has never been a better time to raise the bar on the professional development opportunities you offer your audience.  We have carefully cultivated world-class education programs to meet the needs of today's real estate professionals.

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PDF of the 2018 Course Licensing Brochure

To offer CRB and C-RETS courses:  Contact Maria A. Cardenas 312-321-4425 or email

EARN A ROYALTY DISCOUNT FOR CRB COURSES!  A 20% discount is offered on the Course Royalty when more than two courses are delivered.  For example:
* Course #1 --> $50 USD royalty fee per attendee
* Course #2 --> $50 USD royalty fee per attendee
* Course #3 - #9 --> $40 USD royalty fee per attendee
Courses do not have to be held on consecutive days but must all be held within the same calendar year.
To offer SRS and RENE courses:  Contact Dawn Headtke 312-329-8488 or email  These courses are offered through the REBAC license so you must be a REBAC licensed provider.  If you are NOT a REBAC Licensed Course Provider you may contact one in the area where you plan to host the course and work with them to sponsor the course under their license.  For additional information on becoming a licensed provider or working with/through a current provider please contact Dawn Headtke. 

If you have already contracted with us for a course, click on the links below to access the proper course materials.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each credential (CRB, SRS, RENE and C-RETS) has a specific login requirement.  If you do not have this information or have any problems accessing this material, please contact Maria A. Cardenas at 312-321-4425 or email


The link below provides a comprehensive list of certified instructors for all of REBI's educational programs.. Refer to this list periodically as there are continuous changes and additions.  The latest update was 3/1/18 so please be sure to review as some instructors are on In-Active status. 

NOTE:  This is an Excel spreadsheet that will open in Dropbox.  Download the file in order to utilize the sorting capabilities we have programmed (e.g., by last name, by city/state/country, by course(s) certified to teach, etc.).  

Important Reminder:  Before contracting an Instructor please refer to this list and confirm that they are certified to teach REBI courses.

Master Instructor List