CRB Elective Course

Creating A Profitable
Real Estate Company

Creating profit in real estate requires focus and diligence, as well as an understanding of the areas of your business you must be paying attention to as a business owner.   This one-day course will help the real estate business owner understand basic accounting principles, the importance of recruiting to profitability, and an understanding of when you should hire someone to assist you in running the financial part of your business so you can stay focused on your team members.  You will also learn the importance of monthly reporting and the analysis and interpretation of your financial position against profitability.

Course description and learning objectives
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Learning Opportunities

We offer a flexible delivery structure so you can customize your educational experience through a variety of delivery options.  This course is available as:
  • Live Classroom: Instructor-led in a classroom offering group interaction and networking.
  • Live Virtual Classroom: Instructor-led web based in two 2.5 hour sessions.  Convenient and affordable access.
  • Online AVAILABLE:  Self-paced, self-study and web based.  Convenient and affordable access. 

A definite must for anyone involved in running the back office or dealing with the financial aspects of a brokerage.

- Andy G -

The visuals and examples were great and easy to follow. What type of information we should be tracking was also demonstrated. Ginni's relatable stories truly helped understand the need and use of the information. This course was in depth and relevant. The instructor had real life stories that related to the material which help you relate it to your brokerage. If you are looking to elevate your business this course is a must take!

- Tina J -