Click on the links below to access the proper course materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each credential (CRB, SRS, RENE and C-RETS) has a specific instructor login requirement.  If you do not have this information or have any problems accessing this material, please contact Maria Cardenas at 312-321-4425 or email


The link below provides a comprehensive list of certified instructors for all of REBI's educational programs. Refer to this list periodically as there are continuous changes and additions.  The latest update was 1/9/18 so please be sure to review as some instructors are on In-Active status and not authorized to teach until they are re-certified.  You can find those that are In-Active by clicking the tab at the bottom of the Master Instructor List.

NOTE:  This is an Excel spreadsheet that will open in Dropbox.  Download the file in order to utilize the sorting capabilities we have programmed (e.g., by last name, by city/state/country, by course(s) certified to teach, etc.).  

Important Reminder:  Before contracting an Instructor please refer to this list and confirm that they are certified to teach REBI courses.

Master Instructor List