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Jan 2020:  "Obvious Things:  Time, Money & Effort" (Valerie Garcia)

Feb 2020:  "Seven Success Tips to Six Figures in 2020"  (John Mayfield)

Mar 2020:  "How to Deal With Difficult Buyers, Sellers & Agents" (Greg Glosson)

Apr 2020:  "Head & Heart Alignment: An Intentional Approach to Life & Real Estate (Stephanie Shaw)

Apr 2020:  "Engaging Your Agents in the New Normal" (Zola Szerncses)

Apr 2020:  "Conducting Virtual Listing & Buyer Presentations"  (Zola Szerncses)

Apr 2020:  "CRB Huddle:  Business Unusual (Q&A with Panel)

Apr 2020:  "Tips & Tools to Hold Virtual Office Meetings"  (Adorna O. Carroll)


Jan 2019:  "Ditch the Listing Presentation"  (Adorna O. Carroll)

Feb 2019:  "Post, Tweet & Chat:  Managing Risk in Communication & Advertising (Jody O'Brien)

Mar 2019:  "Build Your Business Around Your Goals" (Ginni Field)

Apr 2019:  "The Future of the Real Estate & MLS Industry" (Saul Klein)

Jun 2019:  "Building a Lead Generation Plan" (Matthew Rathbun)

Jul 2019:  "Substance Over Ego" (Leigh Brown)

Aug 2019:  "Implement a Video Strategy to Secure Leads Quickly" (Marki Lemons)

Sept 2019:  "10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business" (Nobu Hata)

Oct 2019:  "10 Do's & Don'ts for Working With Appraisers" (Melanie McLane)

Dec 2019:  "Top Ten Habits of Highly Successful Agents" (Darren Kittleson)

CRB & SRS Designees only
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