RENE Certification Course

Real Estate Negotiation
Expert Course

This course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game!  You will examine all types of negotiation formats and methods -- including virtual -- so that you can play the game to win!  A full spectrum of tips, tools, and techniques are provided so that can produce effective results for your client.

The course curriculum also includes a variety of real-world field simulations to help you apply the power tools, techniques, and tactics learned in the course.  These will provide the foundational experience and practice you will need to master to effectively advocate for your clients.

Course description and learning objectives
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Learning Opportunities

We offer a flexible delivery structure so you can customize your educational experience through a variety of delivery options.  This course is available as:
  • Live Classroom: Instructor-led in a classroom offering group interaction and networking.
  • Live Virtual:  Instructor-led virtual delivery ('Webinar' format, but students and instructor are all on-camera and use breakout-rooms for exercises).
  • Online AVAILABLE!:  Self-paced, self-study and web based.