Committee Volunteers

Application Closed

The 2023-2024 cycle is closed.  Applications will open once again in 2024

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Board of Directors

Application CLOSED

The 2024 cycle is closed.  Applications will open once again in 2025.

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Contribute.  Collaborate.  Make a Difference.

An effective governing structure to carry out new development and ongoing oversight is critical to strategic success.

Trends indicate a preference for more flexible governance structures with an eye toward improved efficiencies and enhanced outcomes. REBI’s structure achieves the following:

  • Makes governance truly meaningful and enhances flexibility for volunteer participant roles. Volunteer activity can produce meaningful, member-valued results.
  • Increases volunteer effectiveness by focusing on strategic issues of real importance, achieving desired outcomes in the areas of REBI’s programming and its sphere of influence.
  • Increases staff effectiveness. Staff supports a minimum number of highly productive committees and work groups, freeing them to concentrate on improving and managing member value-producing programs and services.
  • Streamlines decision-making. Less hierarchal structures and fast-track approval practices produce results quickly, enhancing REBI’s ability to seize rather than miss opportunities.
  • Creates more meaningful and satisfying volunteer participation. Ensures a focus on substantive agendas, and helps volunteers see something-to-show-for-it outcomes for their time and effort.
  • Provides oversight and direction, while maintaining stewardship, responsibility and accountability.

We believe that an effective governing structure is more than boxes on an organizational chart. Effective governance includes both the structure and the business practices used by the governing units within it.


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