Committees & Work Groups

Listed below are the minimum requirements and expectations of our volunteers. Some committees and/or work groups may include additional qualifications and will be noted in that section.

Minimum Requirements to Volunteer

  • Must be a designated member of the Institute – CRB or SRS – with membership status in good standing.
  • Completed your online Member Profile at
  • Ability to attend no more than two in-person meetings a year and virtual web meetings as needed.
  • Adept at and possesses technical capability for prompt Internet communication including the ability to access and respond to e-mail and participate on webinar meetings.
  • Read meeting material before attending the meetings to ensure that the committee can have full and informed discussions of agenda items.

Minimum Qualifications Expected of Committee & Work Group Members

  • In-depth knowledge of the Institute’s credentials, including how to earn them.
  • Ability to translate abstract ideas into tangible statements of desired outcomes.
  • Must possess strategic thinking skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and an understanding of the latest industry trends and policies.
  • Must be transparent in terms of any interests that might appear to influence your opinions and must take responsibility for the opinions and recommendations you make.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Institute’s mission and vision.
  • Be objective and take an organizational-wide view of issues being discussed.
  • Be an effective communicator.

2023 Committee List by Name  2023 Committee List by Committee

Serving on a REBI committee is an excellent opportunity to contribute your experience, knowledge, and expertise to help shape the future of REBI.  Your involvement ensures that we move forward with our mission and strategic goals.  Each Committee and Work Group (when acrive) has specific roles and responsibilities as well as minimum requirements expected of committee members.

Attendance is expected at all scheduled meetings .  REBI committees meet in person (or virtually) twice each year in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® meetings (usually May and November).  Additional virtual meetings and/or conference calls are periodically scheduled to accomplish work between in-person meetings. (REBI Work Groups meet virtually via web meetings and/or conference calls.)

Please note that REBI does not provide for the reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with committee and/or work group activities.

REBI committee appointments are competitive and limited.  As such, we endeavor to appoint individuals who will honor their commitment by attending and participating in the scheduled meetings.