The C-RETS Certification and Courses

The C-RETS certification is the first and only team credential recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®.  The premier certification for high performance team, the course curriculum is designed to elevate and enhance team development, leadership and management skills, and improve financial performance. To learn more about the C-RETS certification and the requirements, click here.

There are four (4) C-RETS courses covering the core competencies of building, managing, and leading a team. 

  • Each course is 7 hours of instruction (1-day classroom course and can be broken up into two 3-1/2 hour sessions for virtual delivery).
  • A typical 1-day offering would be 8-1/2 hours (7 hours of instruction; 1 hour lunch; two 15 minute breaks -- ex.  8:30 am - 5:00 pm)
  • The C-RETS certification is owned and conferred by the Real Estate Business Institute (REBI).
  • The course royalty is $35 USD per student / per course.


  • C-RETS Course Menu - Access Materials

    All of the materials you need for the course are included in the Dropbox folder.  We recommend that you first review the "Read Me" file located in the folder to familiarize yourself with each of the materials required for the course.