Starting a Real Estate Company - Your Blueprint for Success

All of the materials for this course are included in a Dropbox folder which you can access via the link below.  We recommend that you first review the "Read Me" file located in the folder to familiarize yourself with each of the materials required for the course.

Dropbox Folder
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As a reminder:

The course roster, course evaluation forms and royalty payment are to be submitted directly to the Real Estate Business Institute (REBI). You must utilize the Roster Template & Course Evaluation Form provided in the folder.

Included in the Dropbox folder:

  • Read Me File
  • Budget Calculator
  • Course Description
  • Timed Outline
  • Student Manual
  • Evaluation Form (Print & Digital Link)
  • Exam
  • Marketing Materials (Flier templates, social media posts, videos)
  • Logos
  • Roster Template
  • Instructor PowerPoint


The link below provides a comprehensive list of certified instructors for all of REBI's educational programs.. Refer to this list periodically as there are continuous changes and additions.  

Important Reminder:  Before contracting an Instructor please refer to this list and confirm that they are certified to teach REBI courses.

Master Instructor List

Questions about any of the materials and/or licensing?

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