The Right Start - New Agent Training Certificate Courses

This flexible and comprehensive program provides new licensees with the tools, training, and best practices to get their business up-and-running.  You have the flexibility to use a trainer of your choice and deliver in a format of your choice -- classroom or virtual.  To learn more about this new agent certificate program, click here.

There are two parts to the program -- each can be delivered individually or back-to-back over 2 days.

  • Each course is 6-6.5 hours of instruction (1-day classroom course and can be broken up into two 3-1/2 hour sessions for virtual delivery).
  • A typical 1-day offering would be 7to 7-1/2 hours each day (6 hours of instruction; 1 hour lunch; two 15 minute breaks -- ex.  8:30 am - 4 pm).
  • Course royalties is $30 USD per student / per course


  • The Right Start - New Agent Training Certificate Program - Access Course Materials

    All of the materials you need for the course are included in the Dropbox folder.  We recommend that you first review the "Read Me" file located in the folder to familiarize yourself with each of the materials required for the course. Materials have been updated and the current program is VERSION 2.0-2024

    Dropbox Folder

    The essential skills and proven strategies agent need to build their business and market themselves and their business to start making money!

    The course has seven (7) Modules:

    • You, Inc.
    • Your Value Proposition   
    • Crafting Your Message   
    • Building Your Business   
    • Prospecting Tactics & Tools   
    • Time Management   
    • Exceptional Customer Service   

    Dropbox Folder

    The essential skills to secure buyer and seller clients, manage expectations, and secure written commitment. 

    The course has eight (8) Modules:

    • Understanding Buyers & Sellers
    • Client Representation
    • Converting Prospects Into Buyers
    • Preparing for the Listing Appointment
    • Meeting With Buyers & Sellers
    • Compensation
    • Property Showings
    • The Offer Process

    Questions about the licensing processes, procedures or course materials? 

    Contact:  Maria A. Cardenas  |  P 312-321-4425  |