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Master Instructor List

The link below provides a comprehensive list of certified instructors for all of REBI's educational programs. Refer to this list periodically as there are continuous changes with instructors being added and some that become inactive and not authorized to teach so they are taken off the list. The posted list will have the most recent update so please be sure to review. Important Reminder: Before contracting an instructor please refer to this list and confirm that they are certified to teach REBI courses.

Master Instructor List

If you are interested in becoming certified to teach REBI courses, please contact Maria A. Cardenas, Vice President, Professional Development at or 312-321-4425. NOTE: Instructors must hold the designation/certification for the course(s) they desire to teach before they are certified. This must be done by taking the course(s) in a live classroom setting as a student (not an audit). Online courses will not be accepted for teaching certification. For further information, refer to the instructor application.

Download the PDF Application